Bringing the Concept to Life

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The Unfortunate Dating Diaries video project uses comedy to address challenges facing Christian singles, highlighting misguided priorities when pursuing dating relationships, and calling to attention the ever so common undesirable advice so often given from church acquaintances, friends, and family.

We hope you find this video entertaining with a message that is relatable.

How the Unfortunate Dating Diaries project came to be:
It’s easier to write about something that is relatable, so as a single Christian this was a topic I could understand. But this project really emerged from years of observing Christian singles making terrible relationship decisions that are based on anything but Biblical truth and principles.

I wrote this initially as a few separate sketch comedies. Posted a casting call on Backstage in March of 2018, where we mainly focused on talent from Colorado and Kansas but only received one audition submission so we decided not to push forward with this project and essentially gave up on it at that time.

Didn’t look at it or touch it until a year and a half later (the very end of 2019). Not even sure what made us come back to this project to be honest. But after looking at the scripts for the sketches, decided it would be easier to turn this into one cohesive story instead of separate sketches, so gave the script a major overhaul. At that point we decided we would try and find local people who might be interested in participating in this project instead of dealing with the hassle of trying to find actors who would be willing to travel to the middle of nowhere Kansas to film this. Needless to say, we didn’t have much luck.

But all along the way God kept giving us a glimmer of an open door that ultimately kept us moving forward and kept pushing us a little farther outside of our original plan. At the end of the day none of the local talent ended up working out, so what started out as an attempt to keep this small and local turned into a situation where we literally were bringing actors from all parts of the US (California, Georgia, Texas, Michigan). We scheduled to film this in early April of 2020 and then the coronavirus debacle took place and everything was shut down. So, we cancelled the shoot and I was personally ready to give up on the project at that point. The thought of trying to replan and coordinate this shoot again did not excite me.

But God never completely allowed us to let the project go. So, we decided we would make one last attempt to make this happen. And so, we ended up filming in early August of 2020. Two of the cast members we initially cast ended up having to back out due to personal circumstances, so we had to do some panicked last second casting, but in the end it all came together.

God’s hand of guidance has been evident throughout, from the people involved to the timing of everything. We are confident that for whatever reason, God wanted this project to be made. So, if this video impacts people in a positive way, we will give God all the credit. I’ll take the credit for all the mistakes and mis-steps along the way, as there were plenty of those.