The filmmakers for this project are a brother and sister duo (Lance Tedford and Renee Tedford). Our experience in the creative industry includes the fields of photography, video production, and graphic design.

Renee is an award winning script writer, with her recent script “Run for Refuge” winning the Branson International Film Festival.

They entered the Christian filmmaking scene in 2006, helping create two micro-budget feature films in a years span. One of the films won best feature film under $25,000 at Creation Arts Fest in Canada and was Dove Approved. The other film was sold to TBN and shown on TV in 11 countries, as well as being sold in Christian bookstores nationwide, numerous online outlets (Amazon,, Netflix, Blockbuster, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc) and was carried by DVD rental chains.

Since that time they have spent most of their time in the fields of portrait photography and graphic design, but have recently seen God leading them back into the filmmaking world.

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