• Unfortunate Breakups

    New teaser video for the Unfortunate Dating Diaries is now available to view. The video is titled "Unfortunate Breakups." In this video the characters share some of their most crushing breakups.

  • Behind the Scenes

    We recently were able to finish filming our Unfortunate Dating Diaries comedy video about Christian singles. It truly turned out to be a time of answered prayer and encouragement for everyone involved.

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    Comments on Our First Video

    The first video in our satire comedy web series is getting some good feedback. Here is what viewers are saying...

  • The Armor of God

    Our beliefs affect our actions. That’s why we need the whole armor of God. So we can effectively live out the will of God.

  • Christian Dating: What’s Important?

    As a Christian what is truly important when pursuing a dating relationship? And how do our assumptions of what dating looks like and how dating should be practiced influence us? Are these assumptions a detriment or an aide in guiding…