The Characters

Aaron Groben as Mac


The ladies love him. Performance and accomplishments are his driving force.

Being played by Aaron Groben.

Stephanie Parker as Riley


Led by feelings and emotions.

Being played by Stephanie Parker.

Henry Mark as Eric


Genuinely nice guy, but lacks charisma. A bit of an introvert and it doesn’t matter what he does, things never seem to work out.

Being played by Henry Mark.

Megan Osten as Rose


Honestly tries to do what is right, though sometimes misguided.

Being played by Megan Osten.

Branden Lewis as Devin


He wants to help you get your struggling dating life turned around.

Being played by Branden Lewis.

Alicia Miller as Destiny


She can’t wait to help you see areas in your life that need improvement.

Being played by Alicia Miller.

Meggie Jenny as Jess


Popular and outgoing. Her greatest fear is not getting married.

Being played by Meggie Jenny.

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