Your Story: Disappointments Abound

The older I get the more I realize that singleness is a gift. The gift that just keeps on giving. Like the time I realized I was communicating with a convicted felon. Or the time I thought I finally found a guy with a solid online dating profile who was actually interested in me… only to find out his testimony was questionable; “Well I just started living for the Lord… like yesterday.”

Not to mention the concerned and awkward conversations at family gatherings. Yeah the constant rejection, creepy comments, looks, and disappointments. Though singleness has its own challenges and disappointments, it’s not the end of the world. Seeking to remain faithful to God is the most important thing.


Relationships are great…well sometimes. They can also be HARD, AWKWARD and UNFORTUNATE. Keep a journal of your wonderful and not so wonderful dating experiences. This is a companion journal to the Unfortunate Dating Diaries short film.

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