Meet the Cast: Alicia Renee Miller

How long have you been acting?
I started acting in college around the age of 19. If I tell you how long it’s been since then, it would give away my real age. 

Who do you look up to as an actor/actress? 
In the faith based film industry, I admire Jenn Gotzon’s work. She always makes interesting choices that show depth and authenticity. 

What attracted you to begin a career in acting?
I started acting because I was painfully introverted, and I wanted to open up my being and come out of myself. I was terrified in my first acting class. But I’m glad I did it! People who know me now think I’m an extrovert. I’m still a closet introvert…but acting helped me break out of my shell. 

What is/was the best and worst advice you have received as an actor?
The worst advice I received about acting was not to pursue it because it was “the frivolous pursuit of spoiled rich kids.” The best advice I received was to go for it because the talent was placed in me by God, so to give it back is a blessing to others. And I love blessing others!

Have you ever played a role that deeply affected or even changed you personally?
Working on A Blood Throne directed by Xavier and Jonathan Garcia was a tremendously beautiful experience. They taught me how to do everything in this industry with humility and a heart of service. 

What if anything drew you to the Unfortunate Dating Diaries project? 
I was drawn to UDD because I could feel the sincerity of spirit in the project. Everyone was So genuine and sincere in their love and passion for Christ. 

Do you relate in any way to the character you play? Or any of the other characters of UDD? If so, how? 
I can relate to my character of Destiny in that I believe she has a true heart to help. She might not always choose the best approach! But her heart is to help. I really like helping people, but hopefully I can find a little softer approach than Destiny. 

What was your favorite part of being on set for this project? 

Being on set for this project was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had! Everyone was professional and prepared, and the whole process was lit up with the presence of Christ! Such humble and  surrendered hearts for God are hard to come by! We bonded instantly, and I truly feel that we all became family. It was a pure sacred creative and spiritual experience bathed in heaven’s love and light! 

Have you been encouraged by this project? If so, how or in what way?
This experience reaffirmed my desire to continue in faith based film projects in order to bring God’s heart and truth to a struggling world. I believe this film will touch people beyond just what they watch on screen. The hearts and spirits of everyone involved will permeate through the screen in a way that will ignite their spirits to know that God truly loves them! As each cast and crew member flowed His love throughout the filming process, so that love will flow out to those watching. 

Do you have any encouragement for Christian singles that you would like to share? 
I’ve walked the single mom walk. It can be difficult to shoulder it all alone sometimes. But it has also taught me reliance on God in a way that I probably wouldn’t have experienced without being single. I’m grateful for how real and compassionate God has been to my sometimes weary and lonely heart. Without sounding like a cliche, God really has kept me sane and taken care of me and held me close when I needed it! 

What is your favorite Bible passage? 
My favorite bible passage is Isaiah 54!!! God gave me this to read in 2014 when I was bottomed out and ready to give up. I’ve read it countless times in the last six years. I Always find something new and beautiful in it no matter how many times I read it! “Your maker is your husband.” That’s the best advice for single moms ever! 

Alicia, would you share how God used your health crisis to move you towards wanting to help others struggling? 
In my ten year battle with lupus which began with black mold poisoning, God remade me in Every way. It was a long and painful struggle, but God healed me completely! My body was healed, but the deeper healing that came was the transformation and restoration of my heart, mind, and spirit. Upon being healed, I decided to get my doctorate in natural health in order to help others find their way to healing. I have learned through my clinic work that people hurt so deeply in their souls. This world can bring so much pain. That pain often gets stored in the cells and tissues, thus creating dis-ease in the body. My heart is to help people clear their emotional pain so the pain in their bodies will subsequently be able to clear. Infusing people’s hearts and spirits with God’s divine love and pure light is a large part of my work. I stand as His. Whatever He wants to do, I just show up. Acting, film work and the arts in general are other ways to give and express His love and healing. It is my greatest desire for a lost and broken world to find the healing God so graciously gave to me. He is so Good. He really Does heal. He really Does care. He healed me. He loved me into healing!! It inspired me to likewise love others into their healing!! 

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