Meet the Cast: Aaron Groben

Who do you look up to as an actor/actress? 
There are many people who I learn from but my #1 is Brad Pitt. I own everything he’s ever acted in and have learned a lot from watching and rewatching the techniques of each of his performances, what tricks he’s used since his indie films up to his current blockbusters, and admire both his unique character roles as well as his leading man charisma.

What attracted you to begin a career in acting? 
At 10 years old, I saw Grease and loved the idea of becoming characters. As the credits rolled I said, “when I turn 18 I’m moving to Hollywood to become an actor.” I started preparing for that at 10, getting involved in plays, saving all my birthday money for LA rent, + was in my first film at 14 in Portland, OR. At 18 I moved to Hollywood, got my BFA in Acting, + have been a full time actor ever since!

What if anything drew you to the Unfortunate Dating Diaries project? 
I worked with the filmmakers on their last film, Squad 77, and have desired to work with them again since. They could have offered me pretty much anything and I’d have accepted!

What was your favorite part of being on set for this project? 
This project felt like a retreat as every one was a Christian and we’d all come from different states. Im used to being one of few Christians. To have everyone around me have a relationship with JESUS was a beautiful thing to see.

What is your favorite Bible passage? 
Rev 19:11-16 speaks of JESUS returning to earth for us as he rides thru the heavens on a white horse with an army behind him, HIS hair flowing in the wind, robe dipped in blood. It shows our King as the Warrior HE is and excites us for what is to come. PS: It may not actually say HIS hair is flowing in the wind but I mean, it must be, right?! JESUS is coming back.

Aaron, share how God has opened opportunities for you to share about Jesus with those you meet in Hollywood? 
As an actor working in Hollywood with morals and being bold about those and about my walk with JESUS, I have countless opportunities to share about JESUS. There are certain things I wouldn’t do for a role and when I am offered a film, I request those removed before accepting, otherwise I walk. Overwhelmingly more times than not, the response is “No problem, see you on set.” Upon arriving on set, people want to know what I care about more than fame and money that I’d actually turn down a role for it. So I get to share about JESUS. By the way, THIS IS IMPORTANT, you can have fame and money with JESUS. It’s not one or the other. This way, you have fame and money without sacrificing your walk with your Savior, without sacrificing your peace, without bringing negativity on yourself, without “breaking your spirit” as Proverbs speaks on. And talking about JESUS doesn’t get you kicked out of Hollywood despite people’s belief that it will. Acting like a crazy person will get you kicked out of Hollywood but loving discussions do not. When your life backs up your words, people are interested. Im writing a book on all my experiences and asking for changes, living for JESUS, and still climbing the ladder in Hollywood and how you can do that in any industry. JESUS opens and closes doors, not people. That’s Gospel. People are looking for GOD whether they know it or not. Live so they can see HIM. One fun example is while I was shooting another on location film in another state, I was living with the rest of the cast who were all non Christians. They’d see me get up an hour before we were to be picked up for shooting to have coffee and read my Bible. By the end of the movie, every cast member was up an hour early having coffee and requesting me to read the Bible aloud for all of them to hear before we went to shoot. I didn’t get kicked out of Hollywood for that. Instead I planted seeds for the Kingdom. GOD is waiting to work thru you and speak thru you. Be bold, be righteous, be diligent.

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