Behind the Scenes

We recently were able to finish filming our Unfortunate Dating Diaries comedy video about Christian singles. It truly turned out to be a time of answered prayer and encouragement for everyone involved.

It’s rare to have the opportunity to film a project in which all the cast and crew share a common Christian faith, but we were fortunate enough to have that opportunity on this project. That doesn’t mean we agree on every single doctrine and belief, as we all came from different backgrounds and all have differing views on certain topics. But it does mean we all believe in the same gospel message. And because of that unity we were able to have a great time of Christian fellowship and interaction.

Besides the goal of trying to create a quality video that is entertaining; our ultimate hope with this project is that it would be encouraging to other Christians and that it would help bring some Christian unity as well. So, we are thankful to God for the opportunity to see that happening in tangible ways already.

We are excited for what’s ahead and wanted to share a few behind the scenes pictures as well.

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