The Armor of God

Our video project, Unfortunate Dating Diaries, uses comedy to address the lack of spiritual discernment among Christians. No Christian is beyond the threat of being deceived or manipulated. Ephesians 6:10-20 instructs Christians on what they need to stand against the schemes of the Devil. We know from the temptation of Adam/Eve and the temptation of Christ that the Devil commonly misuses the Word of God to try and deceive people, as well as disguising himself as an angel of light. Discernment is not only determining what is obviously not true, but it’s also learning to distinguish between what is almost true and actually true. The most deceptive lies sound the best and include some truth in them. 

Our beliefs affect our actions. That’s why we need the whole armor of God, so we can: 

  1. Accurately understand Biblical truths and what God desires of us.
  2.  Effectively live out the will of God.

We’ve recently launched a t-shirt design based off of the imagination and creativity of our 10 year old nephew. His drawings of dragons and beasts infuse a sense of adventure and courage. Both of which are needed when we take a stand for our faith and convictions; learning to not compromise and to stand firm for the truth presented in God’s Word.

You can view the t-shirt design here.

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