Your Dating Story: Failed SABOTAGE Attempt

First date: I had come to the realization that there were no single godly men left or at least any I would meet at this point in my life. However, one guy had been messaging me to meet and I was running out of excuses. So, I figured the next best thing to do would be go out on a first date, but sabotage it. I agreed to meet him at the lake. My plan was to look ridiculous. I wore a hideous tie-dye shirt with athletic shorts. I had little to no make-up. As we talked, I decided it would be better to walk around the lake instead of sit and talk awkwardly like all first dates. We walked for a long time. Well, my plan failed. Three years later, I married that man. God has a sense of humor. 


Published by LR Photography

Sharing truth, humor, and inspiration through video, photography, and graphic design.

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